Goal Setting and Life Mapping

“Deep dive into personal growth”

Come and join us at Sedat's Conference Room at 9am on June 22nd, 2024!

What is Goal Mapping?

Goal mapping is a powerful technique that helps you turn your dreams and aspirations into actionable plans. It’s like creating a roadmap for your life, but instead of geographical locations it focuses on your personal objectives and goals.

About the Workshop

Goal Mapping is for anyone who wants to create a clear plan towards their dreams and aspirations. From entrepreneurs to students to families and so many others, goal mapping is a flexible and adaptable tool. It empowers you to take control of your life regardless of your background or circumstances.

Meet the Facilitator: Cephas Akulu

Goal Mapping Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Trainer, Educationist & Speaker

Cephas Akuklu’s personal development journey has been remarkable. From humble beginnings as a village tailor in Ghana, he defied the odds. Despite challenges, he pursued education, becoming an Accountant and later a Lecturer in Finance in Nigeria.

Upon migrating to the UK, he faced adversity but bounced back, eventually becoming a Lecturer in Business and Finance. The turning point was when he discovered the Goal Mapping Practitioner program, which helped him even during his darkest times. Now, as a
“disciple,” he aims to spread this positivity to others.

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