Prof. Mark Boadu

Prof. Mark Boadu holds PhD (Corporate Governance, UK), Master of Business (Public Administration), and Bachelor of Science Education. He is a Senior Lecturer. His areas of specialisation include Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Organisational Behaviour, Public Administration, Corporate Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Project Management and Strategic Leadership. He is a Professional and a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD), Ghana. He also serves on a number of Boards and Committees both within the university community and corporate world, including, South Akim Rural Bank, National Peace Council and the Koforidua Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

House No. 8, Morendo St, Kata

Digital Address: GA-496-7406

+233 591405555
+233 508913333